The Features

œThe waveform of a conventional automatic charger (constant voltage system)
Since the charge for most conventional lead storage batteries employ the "constant voltage system", the following troubles have been experienced.
ŸBecause the electric discharge period is long, even if the regulation current is 3A in the early stage of charge, sometimes 5 - 6A current flows occur, causing;
1. Damages on the breaker due to the unusual generation of heat, fuse failure and the excessive operation of a breaker.
2. Regular 3A will fall less than1A or lower at the end of charge.
œPatent Zubora charger (constant current system) shortwave type
The wonderful features of the" Constant Current System" are such:

-If regulation current is set at 3A, the 3A flows instantly from the beginning.
-It continues to maintain the 3A all the time up to the regulation voltage,
-It falls plump to a right angle at the termination.
-When voltage falls down to a level requiring re-charge due to the subsequent natural electric discharge, the 3 A starts to flow, up to the regulation voltage and then falls plump.

This is the flow of electric current by ideal rectangle waves. - "vertical and horizontal".
Therefore, the secret implied in the above mentioned "Constant Current System" is that the charger Zubola can have the features of 'no change in charge current, 'short charge time' and 'small and light'.