Zubora Battery Charger
Zubora Series
The Features
A Patented Inovative Charger  ----------------------------------@@@@@@@@@---
 The Japan Patent 2071234

We guarantee "an instant start" when urgent mobilization is definitely necessary for a vehicle, with the full automatic battery management machine - a vehicle loading type .
Suitable for loading on Fire
engines, Ambulances,
Watering pump vehicles and
any other type of large-size car.
Also, Tractors. Speed sprayer vehicles, Rice planting machines, Combined tractors etc.
An electronic circuit supervises the amount of charge for loading on:

The engine can even be started while the charging is taking place!

12V,.24V with a small, lightweight, and shock-proof design.

Charging is so easy with an external power supply socket!
Urgent mobilization can be provided anytime!

A socket is installed outside the body as an intake of electric power.

The patented charger - Zubora Charger - based on the "Constant Current System", automatically prevents fault charge and fault electric discharge while maintaining the battery in its best state when connected to vehicles not in operation. The conventional charger automatically charges the battery at those times gives of electricity failure.
The power supply is connected and guarantied 365 days a year

For further information, please contact:
T. Tanaka (Mr), Technicon International, Inc. Japan
E-mail: support@technicon.jp
Candidates for local distributors are most welcome.

Manufactured by: Shichiho Electronic Industry, Osaka, Japan

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