ClO2 Emergency Pack for Water Treatment
Reagents Used for the ClO2 Water Treatment Emergency Pack (for Drinking Water)

This pack is suitably designed for home use or individual use when sterile drinking water is definitely needed at those emergency occasions such as casualty, adventure, travel, unexpected contaminations etc.
Profiles of the items included in the pack
PG21Ca (Powder) (2 x 2g/bag)
One gram treats a 10-15L of the cloudy water for purification.. This pack includes 4grams,
being sufficient for the treatment of ca. 50L.

Chlorine Dioxide Tablets (1 tablet)
ClO2 diluted in water acts strongly as a disinfectant or as an oxidant and as a deodorant for the treatment of drinking water. The ClO2 tablets are included in aluminum laminate bags.

Paper Filters (2 sheets)
This filter can filtrate cryptosporidium parvum.
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 How to use
1. Put the water in the vessel.
2. Put the powder in the water.
3. Mix it by hand or stick.
  -Keep mixing for 5 - 10 minutes,
  -approx. 120 rotations a minute
  -Until flocculates appear and gather.
4. Just wait for 20 - minutes until the dirt sinks and remove the preci
pitates if you want, for the treated water.
5. With the ClO2 tablet the treated water is promoted to a drinking water.

PG: A 1g of the powder treats a 10- 15L of the dirty water.
EIf you find it too slow, add more little by little. Too much makes clouds.
ECheck if the water selected may be OK for human consumption.
 This product is totally harmless and biodegradable.

ClO2 Tablets: Chlorine dioxide acts as a strong bactericide and virucide
for E.coli, cholera, HBs etc only with 1ppm. Cut the tablet for use if you
want to treat a small amount of water. One tablet makes 50L (0.5ppm/L)

Note) Shake the bag well after closing the top with 2 - 3 rubber bands.

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