CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide Tablets & Powders

Key Features
œEasy to use. Simply add tablet or powders to required concentration of water
œPowerful Lower dose rates and corrosion
œWorks in challenging conditions Not sensitive to high pH environments ?
œReduced environmental hazards No chlorinated organic compounds
œMulti-purpose Proven as effective against bacteria, fungi and spores
Chlorine Dioxide ensures that the biocide is targeted directly on the active proteins found on the bacterial cell surfaces, saving disinfection time and costs. It means considerably lower dose rates are required, further improving safety and ease of use, whilst minimizing environmental impact. Chlorine Dioxide is a reliable disinfectant with proven performance
Oxidation Capacity (Disinfection Power)
Hydrogen Peroxide
Hypochlorous Acid(chlorine
Hypobromous Acid(bromine)
Chlorine Dioxide
Oxidation Strength (Corrosion)
Hydrogen Peroxide
Hypochlorous Acid
Hypobromous Acid
Chlorine Dioxide
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  0.5g x 10  .......... ......... .....2g x 10
Indoor Space Sterilization with Chlorine Dioxide
The humidifier used is an ultrasonic type.
The atomizer used is a ULV type.

It is recommended that the chlorine dioxide concentration (ppm) of the aqueous solution for indoor space sterilization (target: influenza virus or coronavirus) is about 3ppm-6ppm. Both the 0.5g and the 2g powders can correspond to 5 liters (6ppm) of water. The excess aqueous solution will last longer if stored in the refrigerator. If there is no refrigerating space, store it in a dark place indoors.
If you want to use it for other than space sterilization, for example, if you put 1 tablet or 1 pouch of powders in 2 liters of water, you can make a 15ppm aqueous solution.
Both the products are manufactured in Japan.
Packaging: For local distribution: 0.5g x 10/BOX, 2g x 10/BOX
  For outside Japan: In bulk
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